// start: get generic browser type NN = (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && navigator.appVersion.charAt(0) != "5")?true:false; IE = (navigator.appName != "Netscape")?true:false; // start: select the appropriate stylesheet if (!path) var path = ""; // if the path variable was set before the call to this (.js) file if (NN) document.write(""); else document.write(""); // start: form validator script function checkForm(form){ /* Use a hidden input on the submitting form called required to send required field names. Just separate the field names with commas like this: If you need all fields required then change the value="all" If you don't need the form to be validated, then don't call the script or just omit the hidden input or leave the value empty. */ required = (form.required && form.required.value)?form.required.value:false; requiredFields = required.split(','); if (required && required != "all"){ for(a=0;a